Thanksgiving Centerpiece Ideas

If you’re hosting Thanksgiving dinner you know that there are just so many things to get ready that coming up with a clever and creative Thanksgiving centerpiece seems like too much work. BUT we’ve already come up with some simple ideas for you so you can just copy our ideas and voila, you’ve got a table to be proud of.

1. Pumpkin Vase


Stick with a traditional floral centerpiece but use a nontraditional vase. Cut open a beautiful pumpkin just as if you’re going to carve it but instead fill it with flowers.

2. Indian Corn Centerpiece

Take a handful of whole Indian corns with the husks pulled back and up and tie the bunch together around the middle of the corn portion with a piece of raffia. And there you have it, a simple and beautiful Thanksgiving centerpiece. For smaller tables, use smaller ears of corn.

3. Small Floral Centerpiece

Collect a few simple fall flowers and position them in a short open container, or scatter them directly on the table and then decorate around them with a few leaves, small gourds, sprigs of berries and other seasonal items.

4. Smaller Statements


If you have smaller containers made of silver or glass use them scattered along the table to create an impact. Fill them with sprigs of berries, beautifully colored fall leaves or place small gourds atop of them.


About the Author
Kristin is a freelance writer and runs a decorative paint business.