11 Best Thanksgiving Side Dishes

The turkey is a given; the mashed potatoes and stuffing must make an appearance, although they can be tweaked a little; the pie will cause a riot if it doesn’t appear, but what about the side dishes? Thanksgiving dinner is such a traditional meal for so many people that there’s little wiggle room for creativity and for fresh new flavors. One of the only places to play with a thanksgiving menu and not get an earful from your family is the side dishes. So we’ve found some of the best thanksgiving side dish recipes on the web and encourage you to add a little zip to your traditional thanksgiving meal with one or more of these taste treats.

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Green Beans with Pecans and Maple Syrup Vinaigrette

Green beans are a vegetable that often finds a place on the thanksgiving table but they can be largely ignored. This twist on the traditional fresh green bean gives it a sweat and crunchy appeal that will not only appeal to the adults in the crowd but may encourage the little ones to clean their plates as well.

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