Money Saving Tips for Thanksgiving Dinner

As if preparing Thanksgiving dinner isn’t stressful enough, it can also be tough on your budget with so many ingredients to buy. Don’t skimp on your guests; there are better ways to pinch your pennies! Follow these tips and you could save hundreds of dollars on Thanksgiving dinner simply by using coupons and store promotions, as well as by shopping for local produce at farmer’s markets.


Use Coupons for Thanksgiving Meal Items

According to Stephanie Nelson, owner of the CouponMom Website, manufacturers issue more coupons during the months of November, December and January than they do at other times of the year.  That means that it’s possible to use coupons and store sales to get the best deals on Thanksgiving meal items.  Look for coupons each week in the Sunday paper, online and through your grocery store’s Facebook page. Combine these coupons with in-store sale prices for the best deals on stuffing, cranberries, rolls and other Thanksgiving meal essentials. 

Start Buying Now

The reason why it’s so smart to plan ahead for Thanksgiving is because you can start shopping early for deals, and you can use discount coupons for groceries way ahead of time. This can help you save significantly!

Shop Thanksgiving Sale Promotions for Best Prices

It’s important to plan Thanksgiving shopping trips using grocery store circulars.  Not only can you match coupons to sale prices, but you can shop for the best, advertised deals on Thanksgiving meal basics, like turkey and potatoes. Some grocery stores run special promotions that enable the customer to get a free Thanksgiving turkey if they spend a certain amount of money throughout the month of November. 

Check Farmer’s Markets and CSA Farms for Thanksgiving Produce

Don’t forget about the local farmers when shopping for Thanksgiving meal items. Farmer’s markets may still be open and are likely to offer produce, turkeys and other seasonal items. Likewise, some CSA (Community Sponsored Agriculture) Farms offer one last box of produce for the late fall. This box is likely to contain root vegetables, like potatoes and carrots. Check with local farms for availability.  

Planning ahead to shop for Thanksgiving meal items can save money. Look for coupons that can be matched with sale items and in-store Thanksgiving promotions. Don’t forget to shop farmer’s markets for local produce.

Make it a Potluck Celebration

Asking one person or family to host a meal for a large group of people is unfair. They’re shouldering the burden of shopping, cooking, cleaning and decorating. This is not only a lot of work, but it can also place a large financial burden on the other person. Asking your friends and family to help ease that burden is a great way to save money on Thanksgiving expenses. Not only will you have to spend less at the grocery store, you’ll also save time cooking! Request types of dishes, not specific ones. For instance, ask people to bring an appetizer, side dish, or dessert. This can also turn out to be a fun way to incorporate everyone’s style and tastes into the meal!

Use Natural Decorations

Why buy expensive Thanksgiving decorations when natural fall treasures can make a lovely centerpiece. Use fall leaves and branches, acorn squash, pine cones, and other fall fruits such as persimmons that can be eaten later. There are tons of great ideas online for decorating the table au natural. Scatter some neutral colored candles for a final touch.

Keep It Simple

It’s very tempting to make complicated meals with expensive ingredients to give your guests the ultimate Thanksgiving dinner. However, Thanksgiving doesn’t need all the bells and whistles; just the much anticipated classics of the year, and great company of friends and family.


About the Author
Barb Hacker is a mom to three boys and a freelance writer.