Best Thanksgiving Activities for Kids

Some holidays are perfect for children, they get to chase around finding eggs, open and play with presents, challenge each other in games. Then there are holidays like Thanksgiving which can feel like pure torture as kids are forced to sit around in uncomfortable dress clothes and wait for dinner with a bunch of adults and foods they typically don’t like. So how do you add some excitement and fun Thanksgiving for the kids, and keep them occupied and quiet so it’s a better experience for the adults as well? How about thanksgiving themed activities? We’ve found some great Thanksgiving activities that ware fun for the kids and may even be something fun for the adults to do too.

1266 Thanksgiving Crafts with Kendra

Thanksgiving Crafts with Kendra: Corn Table Crafts

These easy-to-make Thanksgiving crafts which use seasonal corn to celebrate the holiday are an excellent craft idea as it will keep kids busy while you continue to pull your holiday meal together. They’re also a perfect accompaniment to the table setting.

No Carve Pumpkin Decorating

Carving a pumpkin is a huge mess and a very involved ordeal, BUT no carve pumpkin decorating can be done just about anywhere and doesn’t have to create a mess at all. Also it’s a wonderful way to keep kids occupied for hours. Buy little pumpkin shaped gourds and they can make a whole cornucopia of decorated pumpkins.

Thanksgiving Skits for Kids

If your kids aren’t much for crafts but prefer a more active pastime, these Thanksgiving skits for kids may be just the ticket. They’re also informative and educational so you can sneak a little history lesson in while they’re not paying attention.

Great Pumpkin Relay Race

Get everyone in the family involved, and maybe outside and out of the way, with this great pumpkin relay race. It’s a game that can go on for hours with a team mix  up or a bracketed game to determine the all over family champion.

Barnyard Blowouts

We love the concept of the barnyard blowout crafts and turning Thanksgiving into a real party. But we think you should take a seasonal bent to this craft idea and instead of doing the traditional barnyard animals, how about turkeys, or jack-o-lanterns, or pilgrims, or Native Americans? This is a really fun craft that you  may want to remember and tailor to other holidays as well.

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