Thanksgiving Classroom Bulletin Boards

Bulletin boards are such an important component of a classroom’s atmosphere. Celebrate the holidays with colorful, festive, and creative Thanksgiving bulletin boards. Students love to help with decorating, so encourage children to get involved with elements of the display.

Here are few simple and inexpensive bulletin boards for preschool and elementary classrooms:


We are Thankful

Use stensil or free draw a turkey body and cut out of brown construction paper to create the body of the turkey.  Cut out a feather shape for each child with enough space that the child can write a message. Encourage each child to write their name what they are thankful for on the feather. Attach the feathers to the back of the turkey. Cover the bulletin board in fall colors. Add the turkey and a coordinating border.

Turkey Fun

Give each student a simple outline of a turkey to take home. Have children write on the turkey a word or phrase that represents what they are thanksful for. Students are able to decorate their turkeys at home with whatever type of materials they choose. Encourage children to use: food (like dried corn kernals or popcorn), fabric, pompoms, glitter, feathers, etc. You can then use an Interactive writing lesson to have students explain what they have created and why.  

Fall collage

Cover the bulletin board in butcher paper and add a decorative border in red, orange, yellow or brown border. Provide old magazines and child safe scissors to the children and encourage them to children cut out pictures that represent the things they are thankful for. Use the pictures to create a collage. Use the title “We are thankful!”

Will you be using Thanksgiving Bulletin Boards in your classroom? Leave us a comment and let us know!

About the Author
Carla received a Bachelor of Arts degree in Family and Consumer science with an emphasis in Child Development. She also holds a Master of Library and Information Science degree, specializing in public librarianship and youth services.